A Family Heirloom Finds a New Home

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Thanks to long-time guests, Barbara & Bob Higgs, Colonial Pines is now home to a wonderful old family quilt which was made by one of their aunts many years ago. Beautifully preserved, the quilt is in the traditional “Double Wedding Ring” style with interlocking rings, a pattern brought from Europe which became especially popular in this country in the 1920s.

The painstaking workmanship is evident at first glance with hundreds of pattern pieces cut from old flour sacks to exact shapes and meticulously sewn by hand and then quilted to a backing. We are honored to be able to display such a fine piece of American history as a backdrop to our “Piano Top Gift Shop” and the guest registry book where it looks great and everyone can enjoy seeing it upon entering the Inn.  Many, many thanks, Barbara & Bob. We will treasure it, we will take good care of it, and it will always remind us of you!
 Colonial Pines Inn Bed & Breakfast
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