Must-Do Hike to Sunset Rocks & Sunrise Rocks

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SUNSET ROCKS is a short popular hike right here in town to a magnificent overview of Highlands as it is nestled in the mountains. You can drive to a parking area on Main Street and take the 15 minute walk to the top, but we prefer to start off from the Inn. Ask us for a map showing a shortcut through the Nature Center to the beginning of the trail. (Our 3-bedroom vacation rental, Miss Rebecca’s Cottage, is adjacent to this trail.)

SUNRISE ROCKS can be found by going left at the clearing at the top of the Sunset trail. You will enjoy an intimate but sweeping view of Horse Cove Valley and Black Rock Mountain. There is also a very interesting view of Whiteside Mountain (which looks like the head and shoulders of a gorilla) from a slightly different angle not shown in this photo. order a picnic lunch from Fressers Express or Mountain Fresh Deli and we will lend you a backpack!

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